Why Brand always wins:

Branding is not what your company looks like, it’s not your logo or some vague purpose-driven tagline. Branding is the heartbeat of what pumps life into your business.

Without a solid brand, businesses waste their money on dramatically over complicated & expensive advertising campaigns. Killing the business in the process, you don’t need to do that. Getting a strong grip on your brand's identity is the most effective tool in growing a company that I’ve discovered yet. My mission is to show business owners how to engage with their audience without dated, pathetic and frankly useless advertising tactics. The world has become aware and your strategy needs a new outfit, that outfit is branding.

Mission (not impossible)


It all starts with diagnosing why your brand exists, what makes you different and why people should even care. Great brands nail these fundamentals and know how exactly they make an impact on global markets. Before your company can grow, you must diagnose all your challenges and blind spots.


Creative thinking is at the core of brand development, analytics and data will only ever get you so far in business. If you want to strike passion into the hearts of your consumers, you need to be creative, thought-provoking, and crystal clear on who you’re speaking to. Demystify the fluff, build something meaningful.


To be disruptive means being different & to be different means you must take calculated risks. Great brands never succeed by playing it safe, the market will always reward those who bring the most value to the table in the most innovative way & this is exactly what we intend to do with your business. 

Yo! I'm Dain

I’m Dain Walker and I’m disgustingly obsessed with the world of branding and how it can rapidly throw your company into the marketplace for financial success. I’m a designer who got tired of seeing business owners struggling to nail their branding so I decided to do something about it. I started Rivyl and quickly became the CEO of Australia's fastest-growing branding agency, our clients now span the globe in places such as New York, London, Japan, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Belgium to name a few.

I focus my attention on innovation, branding, marketing and being as disruptive as possible through my education content, courses, workshops, speaking & growing my company. My heart is in giving as many business owners as possible that “Ah-hah” moment they need to break through and beyond their fears and step into the world of success.















Clients helped



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million reach per month




Word on the street

Gina Nicole

From Gina Nicole Embodiment Mentor

Before working with Dain, my brand was similar to my 22-year-old self; clueless, with no direction. Dain has gone above and beyond to help me get super clear on my messaging and purpose

Mason Owlad

From Credily

Dain and his team went far beyond my expectations and created an easy to follow plan for our marketing (with lots of great details) + a unique and well-positioned brand. Dain is very knowledgeable, creative, and naturally a team player.

Nathan James

From Fitness Cartel

There are many items I needed Dain and his team to help with. They built our Fitness Cartel Shopify page and helped set up the CRM. This business in only 12 months is already turning over 600K PA.


One of the best personal and business investments I’ve ever had. Not only has my brand been created, but it’s also no longer just an idea, it’s a fully functioning business with purpose, direction, and a plan to succeed.

Jean Yakub

From ZXToro

Prior to meeting Dain and the team at Rivyl, I was very confused as to which agency I could collaborate my upcoming brand with and work alongside. However, Dain has assisted me in every way possible from brand direction to web development and more,


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